The Happy Dog Team

Ola S. Halvorsen


Chief Happiness Officer

ph: 0411 087 545

Ola is a Norwegian guy who moved to Australia to study in 2007. After a year in Australia and meeting an Aussie chick (Leisa), he decided to stay here! He grew up with a labrador, and is now a proud dad for a not so little chocolate brown lab, named Kip! Currently he is working as a computer programmer in Fairy Meadow during the week, and in his spare time he likes to play tennis, beach volley, hang out with Leisa and friends, and of course play with Kip and as many dogs as possible!  He enjoys walking dogs and loves working to help them become more obedient, in better shape and happier!



Enthusiastic Greeter

ph: 0411 087 545 (ask for Kip)

Doesn't use email because reasons

Kip is an enthusiastic greeter who likes to eat, sleep, play and swim. He is a very confident but kind lab and if you don’t like dogs, he will make it his mission to win you over! As I’m typing this he is snoring so loud I almost cannot concentrate! He enjoys meeting new friends so you will meet him if you book a walk!

Leisa Halvorsen


Chief Happiness Officer

ph: 0450 103 006

Leisa is a cheerful girl who loves dogs so much that sometimes we have to remind her that people are nice too! She works as a Paramedic in Sydney and between shifts she likes to take Kip for long walks and down to the beach to run around with other furry playmates. She enjoys exercising and swimming, and hanging out with family and friends. If you tell her a joke, she might burst into the most charming laughter which might go on for a looooong time! She is very good around dogs, and the dogs who get to know her love her and are always super happy to see her!